Kiwi Country Music legend Noel Parlane is one of the must successful entertainers, and certainly one of the most accomplished country music artists to ever come out of New Zealand. Renowned for his performance of lovely ballads and for his unparalleled yodelling ability, Noel Parlane has carved out a niche for himself with music lovers throughout this country and overseas.

Born on March 19 1951 in Roxburgh, Central Otago, Noel Parlane has always had a strong interest in music and competed in many country music talent quests from a young age. Later, as a teenager, he formed several bands and tried his hand at various forms of music including virtually everything from light country to heavy rock.

Fortunately for the New Zealand music industry, Country music kept luring him back. Noel entered many of the big name country music awards and in November 1977 at the South Island Country Music Awards in Christchurch, he won the song writing section. through that he went on to win the overall award - The South Island Country Music Scroll for the highest points. That was to be the start of what is now a country music legend. Only seven months later, Noel won both the ‘Best Male’ and ‘Yodelling’ sections as well as the ‘Gold Guitar Award’ for overall highest points at the prestigious New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards. Part of that prize was a chance to audition with Music World Ltd in Christchurch - a big break which was to see his first album ‘Noel Parlane Country’ recorded. Since then Noel has recorded several albums with four albums being certified ‘GOLD’ by sales figures - which are ‘Country Heartaches’ ‘Old Time Country   Music’, ‘Trucks & Trains’ and ‘Country Love’.

At the first New Zealand Country Music recording Artists Awards held in Invercargill during November 1980, Noel won the ‘Top Selling Artist’ award for his album ‘Country Heartaches’. This album was also released in Australia where it performed equally impressively, selling in excess of 40,000 copies. Since these early days Noel has continued to impress the music industry and his ever— growing number of fans by winning a string of awards including ‘Best Yodeller’ (1981 NZ Country Music Recording Artists Awards), Top NZ Male Vocalist (1984 Nationwide Radio Poll), Top Duet (NZ Recording Awards 1988) and several others.

In 1985, he was inducted into the Hands Of Fame at Tamworth - Australia’s Capital of Country Music. Only four years later in 1989, he was given honorary membership to the Pioneer Club in Brisbane Australia alongside other big names in Country music such as Tom T Hall, Charlie Pride and Randy Travis. In another tribute to his musical ability the Gore Gold Guitar Awards committee have inducted Noel into the ‘Hands of Fame” to be established in New Zealand’s Capital of Country Music - Gore.

Several tours of New Zealand and Australia as well as two Australasian tours followed, with interest in his music continuing to spread and attract fans worldwide with the album ‘Can I Count On You’ being signed and released by Hawk Records in Northern Ireland in 1995. This album was released in Great Britain, Europe and the USA in 1996, and in 1997 Noel was invited to perform in Norfolk Island and Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

In 1998, Noel traveled to Nashville where he visited the Grand Ole Opry and appeared on the Midnight Jamboree’- a show which went live to 80 million listeners across the USA. He also recorded a track for an Xmas album, which is being released worldwide this year. The new song is titled “Merry Christmas Mama”. Noel will also return to Nashville and he will record a new album with a top Nashville company.

As well as releasing seven singles, 10 albums and two compact discs, Noel has been involved in more than 30 television shows in Dunedin, Christchurch and the USA cable network over a period of 15 years. He is in huge demand to appear in Country Music festivals, Awards and Shows in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, Noel Parlane is certainly one of the top entertainers New Zealand has ever produced!

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