Noel Parlane has always had a strong interest in music and competed in many country music talent quests from a young age. Later, as a teenager, he formed several bands and tried his hand at various forms of music including virtually everything from light country to heavy rock.

Fortunately for the New Zealand music industry, Country music kept luring him back. Noel entered many of the big name country music awards, November 1977 at the South Island Country Music Awards held in Christchurch, he won the song writing section. Through that, he went on to win the overall award – The South Island Country Music Scroll for the highest points, this was to be the start of what is now a country music legend. Then only seven months later, Noel won both the ‘Best Male’ and ‘Yodeling’ sections as well as the ‘Gold Guitar Award’ for overall highest points at the prestigious New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards. Part of that prize was a chance to audition with Music World Ltd in Christchurch – a big break which was to see his first album ‘Noel Parlane Country’ recorded.